Explore Sweden -10
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2117 of Sweden
  Robinzonada Adv. Lithuania
  Karsu.fi Finland
  Salomon ACE Logistics Estonia
  Sweco Karlstad Sweden
  Silva Gerber Adventure Sweden

Jul 17:   The beautiful beast is defeated
Jul 17:   Robinzonada last but not least
Jul 16:   Big surprise for Statkraft
Jul 16:   Salomon came right on time

Team Members
Race time
Race distance
    Jul 9-17
5-6 days
950 km


Robinzonada Adventure Team  Lithuania
Team Captain: Dainius Maciulis


Dainius Maciulis Lithuania


30 years old male. The weakest link in this beautiful team from Lithuania. Taking part in adventure races since 2001. Has won European ARDF championship (radio orienteering) in 2006. Same year took the 3’rd place in Lithuanian duathlon championship. For the last few year has won all adventure races in Lithuania and some races in Latvia. Recognizable as little bit stronger above an average in all disciplines and making team members to cross cold river in freezing autumn night, just to save 5 minutes on route.


Mara Leitane Lithuania


Mara has experience in advance races, women No2 in Latvian MTB world and women No1 in cross country running in Latvia, 2’nd place in world Rogaining Championship in 2007.


Marijus Rindzevicius Lithuania


30 years old male. He is another legend in Lithuanian ski community. Due to many activities he was never able to prepare serious for Olympic games, but nobody doubt he is able to qualify for it. Marijus enjoy classic ski marathons and his average result in FIS Marathon Cup is about 20’th place. Marijus and Svajunas are best mountain challenge runners in Lithuania, Marijus also has won a 3’rd place in European winter triathlon championship. He has very good skills in paddling. We are expecting to have some fun in mountain rivers during Explore Sweden competitions, so at least someone in our team will know how to do it right.


Svajunas Ambrazas Lithuania


43 year old male. Winner of men group at Vilnius Challenge 2010 competitions. A legend in Lithuanian orienteering community. Over 20 champion titles of Lithuanian champion in Elite group. He owns couple Lithuanian champion tiles in athletics and ARDF (radio orienteering). In present days he also enjoy MTB marathons and he is just few seconds behind among best young and strong Lithuanian cyclist who are racing in Italian and Portuguese clubs. The only weak point in cycling is his pride, because Svajunas does not like to cycle behind someone and follow aerodynamic rules. He is leading the top group in front and losing his position in last kilometers. In my first adventure race of 350km on 2001, Svajunas was leading a very very strong team from Lithuanian military club and was racing on bike without saddle. At the time Svajunas was competing among world elite orienteering sportsmen, he was training a lot in Sweden. We hope his Scandinavian terrain experience will be very useful for us on Explore Sweden competitions.


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