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Jul 17:   The beautiful beast is defeated
Jul 17:   Robinzonada last but not least
Jul 16:   Big surprise for Statkraft
Jul 16:   Salomon came right on time

Team Members
Race time
Race distance
    Jul 9-17
5-6 days
950 km

Race facts

Last updated: 2010-01-01

Explore Sweden Monster Expedition Adventure Race 2010 – Atlantic 2 Baltic

The 2010 edition - the sixth of its kind - will take the racers from the tip of Lofoten on the Norwegian Atlantic coast over the high mountains, across the border, and down through the Swedish river valleys to the end of the race on the Baltic coast in Piteå.

The teams will be racing at the peak of Swedens and Norways fantastic and light-filled summer period, when the sun circles high in the sky. The midnight sun will light the way 24 hours.

The race course will cover 840 km and teams will travel through vast forests, on rivers, oceans and lakes, and in the high alpine mountains in the most beautiful parts of Sweden and Norway.

Good navigation is critical for the race, with maps and roadbook. The race will include trekking, orienteering, mountaineering, glacier mountaineering, kayaking, mountainbiking, downhill biking and spectacular ropeworks...


July 9-17 2010

Where and how

The race is open to 4 person teams, mixed, with maximum 2 assistants. We will also to this year have an option for teams - to buy transport of teams equipment from the organisation, instead of bringing own assistants. Read more about this under Rules and Regulations (Assistants).

Registration fee

30.000 SEK

Race time

5-6 days

Total race distance

950 km


Prize money and prizes of a total value of 250.000 SEK. The winning team will get 50.000 SEK cash and a free entry to the Adventure Racing World Championship 2010 in Spain.

Check out registration and prizes for more info.


It’s the nicest summer in the area at this time, so during the days it will be around +20-28 degrees centigrade and during the nights it will be around +12 degrees centigrade. You will also be aware of the midnight sun at this time which means there will be daylight 20 hours per day...

Please check out www.yr.no and www.smhi.se where you can get the latest forecast for the area.

Meeting Point

Å, Lofoten - Norway


Getting to the meeting point

By air

From Stockholm Arlanda to Luleå Airport, get your gear and assistant car ready and drive to Bodö and take the ferry over to Sörvågen/Moskenes.

With SAS, www.sas.com.

By car

Take the ferry from Bodö to Å/Moskens (Ferry 80). Ferry times can be found in the timetable (but now only the winter times, so check the times closer to the race!)

An alternative to the ferry is also to drive the whole way around first on E6 and then the E10 (this will take a longer time but its an option)


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HC Adventure

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