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Jul 17:   The beautiful beast is defeated
Jul 17:   Robinzonada last but not least
Jul 16:   Big surprise for Statkraft
Jul 16:   Salomon came right on time

Team Members
Race time
Race distance
    Jul 9-17
5-6 days
950 km

2010-07-16 23:58

Big surprise for Statkraft

At the prizegiving ceremony, Statkraft got a big surprice - they took the Abu-Dhabi Adventure Challenge Award.  
- It was a very big surprice, said team captain Arvid Björkroth.
- Now one has to change the plans for autum and winter.

Did you expect it?
- No, it was a surprice. But I did not expect just a pair of socks either.

At first the team's fourth place in the race was awarded with a pair of socks to each team member, but after a short moment the race direktor Mikael Lindnord announced the Abu-Dhabi Adventure Challenge Award winner: Team Statkraft.


Happy faces; Arvid Björkrot, Henrik Enberg, Peter Hägglund and Pernilla Lagergren. Foto: Krister Göransson.

- I understod that it was something fishy when we only got a pair of socks, said Arvid.

The price was not only a surprice, it was more than welcome to.
- I have for a long period of time wanted to race in a more exothic country.
So the price came as a gift from heaven. The other team members were happy as well.
- Now its just to go home and practice desert trekking, said Henrik Enberg.

Statkraft have existed as a team for two years but this years constellation is brand new, and Explore Sweden Monster was the teams first real test.
- It was a good race for us, we are satisfied with a fourth place, said Arvid Björkroth.

Explore Sweden Monster was the teams big goal this year, even if they had hopes for a place on the start line in the World Champinoship in Spain later this year.
- We will have to see if we got time and energy for both. But if one get a free ticket to start in Abu Dahbi one will take it, the World Champinship will be there another year.

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