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Times for Sweco Karlstad Multisport

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Status: Racing (Crossed finish line)



Length   Occured at   Description
2h 23m   Mon 23:35   Additional time due to the change from canoe to boat (TA6-GZ2) caused by a storm.
Sum: 2h 23m

Note: the penalty time will be served at a check point.


Recorded times

(reverse order)

CP   Section   Time
FINISH   N   Thu 06:25:00
TA9-OUT   N   Wed 16:46:00
TA9   M   Wed 16:27:00
TA8-OUT   M   Wed 06:27:00
TA8   L   Wed 05:48:00
GZ4-OUT   L   Tue 11:28:00
GZ4   K   Tue 09:05:00
TA7-OUT   K   Tue 08:25:00
TA7   J   Tue 07:58:00
GZ3-OUT   J   Mon 23:30:00
GZ3   I   Mon 23:27:00
GZ2-OUT   I   Mon 03:45:00
GZ2   H   Mon 03:25:00
TA6-OUT   H   Mon 00:29:00
TA6   G   Mon 00:08:00
TA5-OUT   G   Sun 15:51:00
TA5   F   Sun 13:13:00
CP8-A   F   Sun 07:04:00
TA4-OUT   F   Sat 23:45:00
TA4   E   Sat 23:29:00
TA3-OUT   E   Sat 22:32:00
TA3   D   Sat 22:25:00
TA2-OUT   D   Sat 17:57:00
TA2   C   Sat 17:54:00
TA1-OUT   C   Sat 16:04:00
TA1   B   Sat 15:57:00
CP1   B   Sat 14:24:00
GZ1-OUT   B   Sat 10:18:00
GZ1   A   Sat 10:16:00
START   A   Sat 10:00:00
Total Race time: 116h 25m


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HC Adventure

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Sundstroem ImageWorks

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