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Fri, Jul 16 23:06 News

Salomon came right on time

When Salomon crossed the finish line at 21.10 the price giving ceremoni were just about to get started, so they came right on time. They were welcomed by almost every racer and a great deal of the organization staff.




Afterwords they could go from the finish line straight to the food line and get som burgers and something to drink, which was highly appriciated.

Salomon, who is like rookies regarding long adventure races, were very satisfied when they had completed the course. Only one of the four in the team have experienced races longer than 48 hours before.

What was the best part?
- Mountaineering, it was very nice, said Silver Eensaar.
- And the packrafting was interesting.

What was the worst?
- The long trekking to Ritsem, that was very hard. And before Kungsleden our assistant ran over my bike so I had to take his.

The last stage in the kayaks was very tough on the team as well, though they were very tired. But, as a whole, they enjoyed the race.
- Very much.




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