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Fri, Jul 16 08:16 News

Karsu.fi finished in fifth place

Just befor six AM on fridayKarsu.fi reached the finish line. They defeted the Monster in five days, ninteen hours and fiftyseven minutes.



Was it worth it?
- (thinking) ...It is too soon to say right now, said a very tired team captain Olli-Pekka Holttinen.
- It was a really, really tough race, and like Mikael (race director) said Old School - long sections and rough terrain.

Did you like it?
- It´s nice to have a long race with high speed in the beginning, but for instance the third day the pace slowed down so you could only hike - that was quite nice. It was really hard and difficult. Maybe I was not expecting a race this hard.

Okey, but back to the questition: did you like it?
- Yes and no.
- The no part is not linked to the race. My team was not able to perform its best because of injuries.
- Yes because I like the general idea of having a race in a place like Lofoten, that place is really good. That area, and the Sarek area - that was the main reason we participated. I have never been in thoose areas before.




Then he and the rest of the team went away for a well deserved shower and som sleep.




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