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Mon, Jul 12 20:55 News

The race is on

The first teams have reached GZ3 and are really beaten from their hard, almost non-stop, race. Silva Gerber has already left GZ3, but has one team member with an injury. Robert Lindberg has problem with his Achilles tendon and had a hard time even walking when they approached GZ3.



Robert Lindberg


FJS and Sweco Karlstad has gone to sleep for some hours - togheter at GZ3. But we can't forget that Sweco has about two hours of "penalty" waiting at GZ4.

- All the teams that went by boat during the storm this night get penalty time. They will get a time we have been counting on, based on FJS's paddling time + two hours of penalty, because they had time to refresh by skipping the section. Sweco Karlstad gets only one hour of penalty because they began the paddling section but couldn't finish it, says race director Mikael Lindnord.



Lafuma Vibram before boat ride


- This penalty can maybe come to the teams' advantages. They get the chance to sleep for many hours - sleep that you usually don't have time to take during a normal race, says Mikael.


As we can see, the leading teams are now slowing down their paces from extra high to almost below normal. Maybe now they have to pay for the speed they set in the beginning. Some teams from behind are beginning to catch up.


Still everything can happen.




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