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Big surprise for Statkraft

At the prizegiving ceremony, Statkraft got a big surprice - they took the Abu-Dhabi Adventure Challenge Award.  
- It was a very big surprice, said team captain Arvid Björkroth.
- Now one has to change the plans for autum and winter.

Did you expect it?
- No, it was a surprice. But I did not expect just a pair of socks either.

At first the team's fourth place in the race was awarded with a pair of socks to each team member, but after a short moment the race direktor Mikael Lindnord announced the Abu-Dhabi Adventure Challenge Award winner: Team Statkraft.


Happy faces; Arvid Björkrot, Henrik Enberg, Peter Hägglund and Pernilla Lagergren. Foto: Krister Göransson.

- I understod that it was something fishy when we only got a pair of socks, said Arvid.

The price was not only a surprice, it was more than welcome to.
- I have for a long period of time wanted to race in a more exothic country.
So the price came as a gift from heaven. The other team members were happy as well.
- Now its just to go home and practice desert trekking, said Henrik Enberg.

Statkraft have existed as a team for two years but this years constellation is brand new, and Explore Sweden Monster was the teams first real test.
- It was a good race for us, we are satisfied with a fourth place, said Arvid Björkroth.

Explore Sweden Monster was the teams big goal this year, even if they had hopes for a place on the start line in the World Champinoship in Spain later this year.
- We will have to see if we got time and energy for both. But if one get a free ticket to start in Abu Dahbi one will take it, the World Champinship will be there another year.


Salomon came right on time

When Salomon crossed the finish line at 21.10 the price giving ceremoni were just about to get started, so they came right on time. They were welcomed by almost every racer and a great deal of the organization staff.




Afterwords they could go from the finish line straight to the food line and get som burgers and something to drink, which was highly appriciated.

Salomon, who is like rookies regarding long adventure races, were very satisfied when they had completed the course. Only one of the four in the team have experienced races longer than 48 hours before.

What was the best part?
- Mountaineering, it was very nice, said Silver Eensaar.
- And the packrafting was interesting.

What was the worst?
- The long trekking to Ritsem, that was very hard. And before Kungsleden our assistant ran over my bike so I had to take his.

The last stage in the kayaks was very tough on the team as well, though they were very tired. But, as a whole, they enjoyed the race.
- Very much.


Seventh place for Kompar Xstream

Congratulations to Kompar Xstream from Czech Republic on seventh place!

- We are very happy now. We have done a good race, says team captain Martin Sebanek.



On their way to the finish line


- The landscape was very beautiful, very good for this type of race. But we did a huge mistake - we didn't bring any inflatable mattresses so we had to swim in Rapadalen. We were very cold afterwards and we had to make a fire to regain the heat.



Kompar Xstream with their assistant team




Some pictures from the race:








Photos: Krister Göransson


Prizegiving ceremony 21.00 tonight

Tonight (16/7) we will celebrate the teams that have finished the Monster. It will take place 21.00 at Badhusparken in Piteå.


Robinzonada still fighting in the competition

Robinzonada continues their race! They spared some hours to sleep at TA8 and left just five minutes before cutoff-time. Then they continued their journey down the Swedish country - determined to finish the Monster-race they started six days ago.


Sport Nature Ville-La-Grand emotional when crossing the finish

Sport Nature Ville-La-Grand was the most emotional team to finish Explore Sweden and was so happy and proud when they arrived to the finish in early moring in Piteå. The french team ended on a great sixth place and was the first not Scandinavian team to cross the finish line.




- We are very proud to have manage this course and also to be the first non-Scandinavian team, says teamcaptain David Barranger.
- The course was much harder and more difficult than we expected and the nature have been very dramatic. The best and most beautiful part of the course was in the beginning in Lofoten. The pacraft section in Rapadalen was just mad and the nature there was amazing with a nature you find in Africa.

The team with their assistants have now gone to their hotel and are getting a well deserved shower, food and a nice sleep, before the pricegiving ceremony this evening.


Karsu.fi finished in fifth place

Just befor six AM on fridayKarsu.fi reached the finish line. They defeted the Monster in five days, ninteen hours and fiftyseven minutes.



Was it worth it?
- (thinking) ...It is too soon to say right now, said a very tired team captain Olli-Pekka Holttinen.
- It was a really, really tough race, and like Mikael (race director) said Old School - long sections and rough terrain.

Did you like it?
- It´s nice to have a long race with high speed in the beginning, but for instance the third day the pace slowed down so you could only hike - that was quite nice. It was really hard and difficult. Maybe I was not expecting a race this hard.

Okey, but back to the questition: did you like it?
- Yes and no.
- The no part is not linked to the race. My team was not able to perform its best because of injuries.
- Yes because I like the general idea of having a race in a place like Lofoten, that place is really good. That area, and the Sarek area - that was the main reason we participated. I have never been in thoose areas before.




Then he and the rest of the team went away for a well deserved shower and som sleep.


Team Statkraft Adventure Racing in fourth place

Tean Statkraft Adventure Racing crossed the finish line att 00:48 friday morning as fourth team after almost six days of racing, they were 28 hours and 23 minutes after Silva Gerber.


The team had very large troubles with sleepmonsters during the last section of the race.



Congratulations to Team Statkraft Adventure Racing on fourth place


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