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Times for Mountain Loghome ISC

Info: Team page

Status: Withdrawn

The team has withdrawn due to illness. They have rested for a while and are allright but will not continue the race.


Length   Occured at   Description
Sum: 0

Note: the penalty time will be served at a check point.

Recorded times

(reverse order)

CP   Section   Time
TA4-OUT   F   Sun 02:40:00
TA4   E   Sun 02:24:00
TA3-OUT   E   Sun 01:18:00
TA3   D   Sun 01:13:00
TA2-OUT   D   Sat 20:08:00
TA2   C   Sat 19:55:00
TA1-OUT   C   Sat 17:40:00
TA1   B   Sat 17:29:00
CP1   B   Sat 15:32:00
GZ1-OUT   B   Sat 10:19:00
GZ1   A   Sat 10:19:00
START   A   Sat 10:00:00