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Section L


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Length: 63.0 km
Distance from start: 472.5 km
Estimated section time: 22h
Est. transition time before section: 30m
Section started: Tue 03:37
First team finished section: Tue 19:51


The second Trekking/Packrafting in the race will be along Kungsleden in to the beautiful delta of Rapadalen. On the way the teams has to cross several waters. The teams who still can keep up their pace can determine the race at this section.


GZ4-OUT Kebnats, Seashore - Transition area
CP11 River Y-Cross 38.9 km Trekking/Packrafting
CP12 River Y-Cross 2.1 km Trekking/Packrafting
CP13 Trailbend, 1km west of Transition Area 7 7.1 km Trekking/Packrafting
TA8 Måkkål, End of road 14.9 km Trekking/Packrafting