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The true heroes

Solvarbo have been chasing the cut off through the whole day and they made it!! They reached the goal at 17:32 tonight after 149 hours and 2minutes racing.


A big cheer for Solvarbo!


Issy Adventure takes Second Chance

The Explore Sweden "Second Chance" race was a thrilling battle up the final hill to the finish line at Hotel Södra Berget.  Because Team Issy Aventure and Team Yoga Slakers were stopped at the same TA on the course, they faced off against each other in a "winner takes all" race for 16th place. 
In a driving wind and sideways rain that started earlier in the day, Issy Aventure and Yoga Slackers chased each other up and up along the 5 km serpentine road.

Starting 5 minutes after Issy Aventure and Yoga Slackers on the Second Chance course was Team Blåkläder/Ballograf who were stopped at an earlier TA along the course.  They did not have any direct competition up to the finish but were pushing hard to try to catch the other teams.  

Even with the fastest overall time up the hill, Blåkläder/Ballograf simply couldn't overcome the weather and the steep grade and would settle for 18th place. 
As for the battle for 16th... Issy Aventure eventually pulled away on the last few steep uphill switchbacks and finished less than a minute in front of Yoga Slackers.

We congratulate Team Issy Aventure, Yoga Slackers, and Blåkläder/Ballograf for their hard efforts and fantastic sportmanship throughout the competition.



Solvarbo is going the whole way

Arriving at 14:29 and stamping out at 14:30 Solvarbo Speedway Skytteförening is going to complete the whole course. They are now on inlines with lifejackets and everytthing on. Since they checked in and out at the same time they only had time to drop the paddles to their assitance.



Solvarbo fights for seconds

Solvarbo is figting in the sailboat to get to TA 14 before 14.30, they have now 12 minutes and 1 km left... The transition is closing 14.30.


Three teams to Second Chance

The Monster challenge is soon to be ended. In the last moment of the contest there will be three teams racing in “Second Chance” and in one last effort try to defeat the Monster.

The sprint finish will start at five a clock in the afternoon and Blåkläder/Ballograf, Team Yoga Slackers and Issy Aventure will be on the start line.

Team Yoga Slackers and Team Issy Aventure will start at five a clock sharp and five minutes later Blåkläder/Ballograf takes off. When these three teams reach the finish line the Monster is finally defeated.


Herkules wins the ADTA challenge

This morning Herkules crossed the finish line at 09:58 at a totally race time of 5 days 21 hours and 28 minutes, in thirteenth position. And with that the last team to complete the whole monster course.  As a bonus the team won the ADTA challenge; a free entry and flight tickets to Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge.

The ADTA challenge goes to the best placed Scandinavian team that have never raced outside the Nordic countries (Swe, Den, Nor, Fin).  


Congratulations Herkules!!













Photos Wouter Kingma




Chasing Daylight-Nike ACG-arena at the finish line

After a the long sailing Chasing Daylight-Nike ACG-arena finished the race with fast transitions anxious to reach the finish line. And so they did as the twelfth team in the Explore Sweden Monster.


The party's here

A cheerful team, Yoga Slackers, arrived 22.31 in Sollefteå ready for a party!


Their assistance hade set the tabel for a party and put up a big sign so no one would miss this that this great team was arriving. The team got crowns on their heads, beers in their hands and huge smiles in their faces.


They look surprisingly alert and their energy-filled eyes spook of a fierce battle in tomorrow's second chance. A few meters from the partybus Team Izzt Aventure is sound a sleep.








Photo Katrina Norström


Rejlers Kolmården finish

At 23.55 the swedish team Rejlers Kolmården finished at Södraberget. They were happy to finish and got a bit of a surprice when they during the last section on their bikes to Södraberget was drinking from their bottles and tasted - beer, nice to have a great support team.

The entire team with their assistants and mascot Strimma


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