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Big fight coming up

Polish team Speleo Salomon Gore-tex have taken up the speed at the end and are now on 3rd place just 4 hours from the finish line. The team will be serving a penalty on 15 minutes on the last TA, because of biking in Sollefteå city instead of mandatory rout by foot.


Teamcaptain Arvid Björkrot in Statkraft is one of the fighting teams. Photo: Krister Göransson.


Behind Speleo a long fight have been going on the whole day on the river Indalsälven . This can even means that the two fighting teams can catch Salomon in a furious battle for the positions. Stay tune...




Second again

FJS finished second after 4 days 8 hours 54 minutes.


After an extremly tight race once again team FJS had to see themselves defeated by Lundhags. They have done a great race and gained an hour on Lundhags on the last parts.







Photo Wouter Kingman



Congratulations Team Lundhags Adventure

Team Lundhags Adventure won Explore Sweden Monster after 4 days 6 hours and 42 minutes. They have done a tremendous race and been in the lead since the very firts leg.



The winners! Photo Wouter Kingma



That's whats friends are for



When our logistic crew nedded a bigger car the great friends at STT said "No problem, you have a truck in four hours and you can keep it for the race". We send out a big cheer for the super people at STT form all of us in the monster crew.




Explore Sweden on Swedish TV

Tonight at 18:00 and 22.15, Explore Sweden Monster will be on the SVT sport news .


The winners expected at the finish 19.00...

The winners in Explore Sweden Monster is expected at the finish line at Södra Berget at 19:00 - 19.15 tonight 7/7.


The Racedirectors calculates the leading team Lundhags outside Wått och Tårrt Selångersån at 18:40 - 18.50 Tuesday evening. From TA16 the teams will bike up the hill to Hotel Södra Berget and racing to the finish line after 1060 km.



Photo Krister Göransson




ICA Trollet feeds the racers


The local supermarket ICA Trollet support the teams with a free meal in Sollefteå. Happy faces all around. Big thanks from everyone!!



The chef and owner himself.



DenSurka.ru digs in.


Photos: Krister Göransson




The Rejlers-Kolmården had great fun

"They came in laughing greatly. They have had a lot of fun during the night" , said Elisabeth Alenbrand who is one of the team assistants. 


The team found a cabin and took a break. Then Pär Alenbrand toasted his socks on the stove. That´s the reason for the big laugh.


They were in a great mood in spite that the girl in the team, Emilie Kiraly, broke a tooth just when they started the long cycling. "Now we got an appointment booked at the dentist this afternoon", Elisabeth said.



Photo Krister Göransson


We like long bike rides

Statkraft got the spirit back after the long cycling. "The mood is good and they have luster in their eyes", said the assistants who also are very happy to escape the mosquitoes. Team captain Arvid Björkroth has no longer problem with his hip and the long cycling went well for the team. "We in support like long cycling", said Håkan Wallgren.





Photo Krister Göransson


Multitude Salomon hit the wall

The Norwegian team Multitude Salomon has had a great race until they started the second long cycling. Then they hit the famous wall of fatigue.

"They have been forced to take two long breaks and had some food and sleep", the assistant Benita Lundgren said. "But now their okay and will reach the finish line", she added.


Helly Hansen UK wish for new legs

"They could need four new sets of legs", said the Helly Hansen UK assistant Nicola Wiseman at the TA in Sollefteå. The long cycling stage had been tough on the team. "But they have had fun."

As all other team they are affected by the lack of sleep, and so are the assistants.

"We have had less sleep than the racers" , said Nicola Wiseman and continued "We have been a mother to four babies", she said with a big smile on her face.


The beauty and the beast

Our great volunteers got a few hours of well deserved rest in a real bed. Both seems to enjoy it :)



Ella och Cajsa Photo Anna Blom


Loops in Sollefteå

During the night teams enterd Sollefteå, surprisingly the long bikesection didn't split up the cluster of teams. The polish Speleo Salomon managed to get a small gap down to the fourth team. But then there are 6 teams really close togheter.



Photo Krister Göransson


The 2 loops in Sollefteå is dividing the teams up and we can see that the monster has taken it's toll. The first loop is inlines and orienteering over Hallstaberget, secoond loop is trekking/climbing/swimming and then leave the city for jet an other mountainbike.



Photo Krister Göransson



Photo Krister Göransson


Let us show you Lundhags day...


Martina leads the team in inline section in Sollefteå.



A short swim for Robert and the rest in Indalsälven.



The team is reday for the tower at Sollefteå Camping.



Martina look focused.



Mattias is rushing the team forward during the orienteering.



Sonny up in front.


Photos Wouter Kingman


One bike ride too many

Team Sole Herkules left on the raft at Westin Adventure just after midnight. They were in rather good mood, but not because of the bike ride, which they didn´t liked so much.


-           That stage has been tough. One gigantic bike ride one can handle, but two is one too many, said the team just before they left on the raft to cross the river.


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